Welcome to your Internet Campus

Now that you have Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution (JICS) installed and functioning, we hope you will take some time to review the information in this section and familiarize yourself with your new portal environment.

The Welcome Tab has been built exclusively for you (the Administrator) as a way of delivering portlets, introducing the basic information structure, and providing suggested layouts.  To get the most out of the Welcome Tab, use it in conjunction with our Getting Started guides and other documentation. 

The top level of organization within the portal is the Portal area, which is the first area seen by the public. The next layer consists of Tabs, also known as a Context or Section. Within each Context, you can identify Sub-Sections that can be displayed as folders on the left sidebar. Within each Context and Sub-Section, you must have at least one Page. Portlets, which contain specific features and functionality, can then be placed on the Pages.  You can place multiple Portlets on a Page and configure them to best meet the specific and portal design goals of your institution. 

To further illustrate this concept, the Welcome Tab is a Context and therefore is a high level of organization. The Base, CRM, and LMS folders displayed on the left sidebar are Sub-Sections; therefore, when you click on each of these Sub-Sections, they will possess the same characteristics as a Context.  To see this concept in action, you are currently viewing the Introduction to JICS page, which contains this Overview portlet. The Overview was created via the Custom Content portlet that has been identified with two elements: Welcome to your Internet Campus and Using the Welcome Tab.
A visual representation of the different levels of this organizational structure might look something like this:
    8Tabs/Context/Section - Displayed horizontally across the top of the Portal
        8Sub-Section Folders - Displayed vertically in the left sidebar as a folder icon
            8Pages - Displayed vertically in the left sidebar or inside a Sub-Section folder
                8Portlets - Specific feature applications with a configurable layout 

Using the Welcome Tab

By exploring the Welcome Tab and its Sub-Sections, you will be able to view each Context as it might be presented to your Internet Campus Community. Click on each Sub-Section from the left sidebar and read the information presented on the page - this will guide you through the set up and configuration process. Follow the instructions provided to actually view or learn more about all of the portlets that are being delivered to you as well as suggested layouts to be considered when you begin customizing the portal to fit your specific needs.  Remember, these are only recommendations.  One of the best features of the Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution product is the ability to configure it any way - the possibilities are just about limitless so be sure to add your own special "touch" to make it truely your school's portal!  

The Welcome Tab, along with our online help and Getting Started documentation, was specifically designed to enhance your knowledge and comfort level with this product. We update the Welcome Tab with every new release so you can access this area to learn about new portlets and other changes inherent in your most recent installation.

Bear in mind - the Welcome Tab can only be viewed by Administrators and other users will not have the option to access this context.  You are encouraged to explore and familiarize yourself with the features of these sample portlets and layouts; however, be aware that since you have logged in as an Administrator, some of the information in these Welcome Tab portlets will not display or be available to you because your role is not relevant to those portlets.  For example, the Course History portlet in CRM Student will appear but it won't necessarily display any courses as you are not a student.  Finally, note that you will only see those portlets and modules (CRM, LMS) that your school has purchased.
Now, please continue to use the Welcome Tab and enjoy configuring your new Jenzabar Internet Campus!

You are currently on JICS version 7.