EX Mapping Tool

Schools licensed to use Candidate features can map form information to the EX Process Internet Submissions window where it can be processed and associated with the candidate’s information. You can map a single question to a table/column or use a collection grid to map several questions to the same row of a single mapping table.


This is a necessary set up if you plan to send the information candidates enter in your admission form to EX.

The EX Mapping Tool uses the Internet Submissions Mapping page where you can select a form type to see a list of related EX tables that can be used for mapping your form data. The base mapping tables are associated to form types via data provided by the installer and mappings to custom tables for various form types are managed using the EX Manage Mapping Tables window.


Only those tables associated with the selected form type are available for that form. For example, you cannot use the tables associated with the Admissions Inquiry form type with the Admissions Application form.


A database connection is not needed for EX Mapping Tool. It uses the Jenzabar Web Application Services Data Access Layer to connect back to EX. EX Mapping Tool cannot target any other database.

How To

Set Up and Map Form Questions to the EX Process Internet Submissions Window